Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The Visit of Dennis Sever's House

Yesterday we visited an interesting burgeouise house turned into museum in central London. It offers a surreal insight into a social life of a late 17th century well off family. When you walk into the room it seems that inhabitants just left a second ago. This misterious metier soaks you with its picturesque world of soft lighting, rich smells and textures of variety of different materials (wood, metal, glass, pearl, natural materials, gelly bonbons, wallpapers, amazing china cutterly collection, little leather shoes and decomposition of old furniture),... Even sound design (whispers, footsteps, homely laughter) reminds you that you are not alone.

Sadly I wasnt allowed to do photographs so I tried to express my ... with my drawing abbilities.
Here are some of them.

The study of LIGHTING and how light disperses on different objects, how it passes through laces for example (we could use that in texturing of GORGON CORALS.

The study of all the SURREAL SHAPES, which remind me a lot on underwater world.

I was inspired by a variety of unusual shapes. The idea of expressing a micro world of them intrigues me.

First I thought it would be very ineteresting to create my own textures, using water couluors, but one of I deas I got here and when talking to Tony was also, to attach textures, which nobody would expect to be on models, like for example in this commercial for softner, when all the world is created with textile textures.

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