Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The Script and Storyboard - My Version


1st SCENE: The boat , sunny day (Title scene)

DIVERS on the deck, talking, then jump into the dark water (real life footage, taken form a film).

2nd SCENE: Exterior- dark ocean environment

ACT 1: Sound of diver who just immersed into the water (could be sound of jumping into the water when title pages running), then silence. The dark ocean environment with all the sediments and mysterious lightning on the back, coming from behind. Camera fixed.

Here the story begins.

ACT 2: Once upon a time there was a LITTLE LIGHT living in a waist ocean. She liked to play with her LITTLE SISITERS and BROTHERS (xsilophone bell sounds and little children's whispers). They had this mysterious ability to bring things into life when touching them.

ACT 3: the Little Light comes slowly to the scene, stops, hesitates...then all the rest appear as well and they start to dance (maybe spread and get back again). Then they get into the cue and slowly move on.
Camera first stands still follows the action.


2nd SCENE: Exterior- ocean, shark eggs (hanging from above)

The little lamps pass by the SHARK EGGS (in darkness first, just softly enlightened from the down up), enlightening new life in them when touching (light appears behind and passes through, little EMBRIO inside trembles).
Camera fixed, pans in, then stops.

3rd SCENE: Exterior-drop off (slope) with SEA FEATHER FOREST

When drifting down the slope little lamps playfully jump on and off the SEA FEATHERS.
Camera fixed then follows. Wide angle.

4th SCENE: Exterior- Coral and village

ACT1: Then drift down the drop-off into the mysterious calm (standing still- not a single thing moves) LANDSCAPE IN A SHADOW (softly enlightened on the back, we don’t know yet what it is) . Lamps hesitate again.
Camera fixed.

ACT 2: Then one of them (“The Little Naughty” ) runs away from the group and when he touches things he switches on the light and brings them back to life and so the others follow. Camera fixed, wide angle, then follows the action.

They hide and chase each other, enlightening and animating more and more of space and on the end the whole coral village is shining in its beauty.

SEA WEED is ….floating with the current
ANMEONES develop into beautiful roses with moving leaves
CORAL TREE starts to move, because its actually a well camouflaged sea horse
SPONGES are stretching and squashing as they would breathe.

4th SCENE: Exterior- coral village

ACT 1: Suddenly… the life stops. The village is still enlightened, but nothing moves, everything hesitates. Silence for a moment.

ACT 2: As we hear the horrific sound of Jaws the dark SHADOW of PREDATOR passes by, all the sponges suck themselves in, anemones disappear, sea horse becomes a tree again and little lamps hid themselves as quickly as they can. Village turns into dark, lifeless landscape again. Silence.
Camera fixed, wide angle.


4th scene: Exterior- coral village
But little lamps were silent enough for him to miss them. Once the danger is gone the music starts to play again. Little lamps are saved and they become vivid again, playfully spread in a circle and then crush together.The BANG causes the light spread.
Camera fixed, wide angle.

FADE out:

5th FINAL PAGE- SCENE: Exterior- the shore (sunny day ,people talking)

Divers return from the dive (the real life footage).

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