Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Sponges, HARD and SOFT coral, fish skin,...what a surreal world of shapes and luminiscence!

But from artistic point of view I would prefer more to find some simulacres in a real world (similar textures), something that would make this magical world of irregular shapes and very haptic surfaces even more appealing and interesting for the eye. To create our own textures (hand drawn) would be even more interesting and fresh than just copy the real ones.

This is a macro photography of human skin (finger tip profile...seems very similar to brain coral texture).Brain coral has a labyrinth profile, feels rough and stony when you touch it, but it reflects lights as it is jelly on a surface..Transparent anemone.

A soft coral , ANEMONE surface, seems completely seethrough with brighter capilaras.


SEA GRASS textures.

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