Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Global Warming- the first idea

We decided as a group to represent an evironmentally concerned problem, in this case- GLOBAL WARMING.

my idea was to make a surreal village on a huge flower which functiones like a living orgainsm. The village feeds itself by a flover and flower produces power and oxygen bubbles with photosinthesis , which is essential for the existence of both.

To run their business villagers use more power, than the poor flower can produce so it slowly starts to weaken. It affects inhabitants as well, because they depend on each other.

So first I did some research on houses and building landscapes I would like to model in 3D:

Nikki saint Phalle's sculpture
Gustav Klimt's Syrens

the detail of St Phelle's sculpture. Gaudi, the detailThe Dali's Museum in Fugueres
Eden Project in UK

Louise Bourgoais ,the spider sculpture
Snail's house

Klimt's tree....sculpture as living tree

The Friedrich Hundertwasser's architecture in Wienna.

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