Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Underwater World

Tv Scuba-my own experience

I satrted to SCUBA dive in 2003, since then the underwater world is my biggest passion. It gave me so much, but also took some. Although I have spent several hours admiring it , I have no second thoughts when it gets to the point of doing it again. The experience of hovering like in the space is so relaxing and interaction with acuatic life returns my faith into life.

After getting a professional degree in diving I started to work as a divigng guide in Jordan and Egypt, Red sea and I also coperated a lot with underwater photographers and videographers, lately with Jaime Burns, who set off the first all day diving programme http://www.tvscuba.com/ .

SeaCreatures- macro environments

Water- movement bubbles, reflections

http://www.joandjoe.com/ On a Diveshow in Birmingham I met these two web designers who do flash animated underwater cards. I think they captured the underwater movement and lighting very well.

m not perticularly keen on doing water effects, but as we spoke with the group some misterious mist effects with luminiscented dust and beams passing through, wuld contribute to a ....(vzdusje). We vere thinking to achieve them in compositing part of post production.

The study of lighting

If we think about this picture as abstract (without figures) , this is the way I imagine the lighting. Soft, homely and misterious at the same time, similar to one in Dennis Sever's house.

As we need some sort of a story teller, I thought it might be a great idea to have a bubble travelling around and camera following it's path. Then we decided that it would be great to place a lamp inside, so its enligtened from inside and so brings even more to a misteriousnes of the whole metier.

The concern with its extinxtion
I used to help with campaign of Royal Jordanian organisation to preserve coral reefs, doing clean up dives every day, educate locals and turists about the importance of keeping the the marine flora and fauna. For a weekend I also had a chance to speak about shark extinction concern with a lady in charge of Brittish Marine Conservation Society. I am deeply concerned with the fact that coral reefs and marine life around the world are dying because unproper treatment, dragging nets, fish farms, forbidden spear fishing, coral collecting, boat polution and most of all...us people who, come there daily in big hords and completely distruct the normal life of it. This is why I think it is important to show people how beautiful it is and of what importance it is to preserve it for our followers.

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Jamie said...

Now I am more than just a little impressed. I am so glad that you are one of the few young talents who “does” listen. Excellent images.

Kind Regards

Jaime Burns