Sunday, 11 November 2007

Texturing finished

Although I was the main texturer, Luisa and Tony helped me a lot with texturing of 2 of the houses. When all the texturing work was handed to me I reatached some, did some planar mapping and adjusted all of them so, that they fit together.

My part of the village:

THE CABBAGE CORAL VILLA with sea worms like umbrellas on the top
I used mostly RAMPS and BUMP MAPS, but also played around different ambiental colours, incandescences, glow and transparencies.

these leaves I painted myself in a photoshop and this is also how I created some of bump mups (holes of mushroom top for instance).

MUSHROOM VILLA without little doors jet:

...and with them.
Here was quite hard to get this multi colour glow of balls hanging of the musrhoom coral just with textures.

I was trying to achieve the differece between "hard, rough" POTS and soft, reflecting and light radiating AMENMONE.

SEA FEATHERS were ment to be very gentle and transparent, so I just used a bit of pastel ramps and played around glow a bit.

SHARK EGGS needed to be see slightly through so the trembling yauk inside could be seen, but at the same time dense enough to get the feeling of their hard shell.

When lights pass by houses, the bubbles appear on chimneys. I made them soft and slightly reflecting, so they can be seen, but soft enough not to be too distinctive from the backgrounds.

simply textured SHARK (modeled by Luisa) ...we need just a shadow.

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